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No cell coverage? No problem!

With our AT&T Remote Mobility Zone (ARMZ) you can bring cell service with you, wherever you are.

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone

Mission critical mobile powered satellite communications trailer for today’s needs and tomorrows requirements.

We give you the capability to set up your own cell site in a disaster or area with no coverage for critical communications. Squire Tech offers you the AT&T Remote Mobility Zone (ARMZ) providing recoverable GSM voice and data equipment that can be dynamically deployed in a disaster area where mobile coverage has been disrupted.

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Where will ARMZ work?

Squire Tech gives you the satellite internet communications anywhere you want and need. The AT&T Remote Mobility Zone can be set up in any area where AT&T cellular coverage is not available, but in which AT&T is licensed to provide cellular service. AT&T Remote Mobility Zone works with optional satellite services, which are available for purchase separately, or you can elect to utilize your own satellite or LAN connectivity for backhaul to the AT&T cellular network.

When you “bring your own” connectivity for backhaul into the AT&T network, you will be solely responsible for establishing network connectivity, handling bandwidth requirements, all ongoing management and complete deployment of connectivity services including ongoing spectrum allocation and coordination, incident response, 911 coordination, and frequency management.

With AT&T Remote Mobility Zone, you can gain access to AT&T management and coordination services and AT&T licensed spectrum within the Continental United States and Hawaii & Alaska upon request.

Counties where AT&T does not hold any licensed spectrum: service components include management of customer-deployable GSM picocell base station equipment (ARMZ unit), optional service level agreements and optional satellite services which are purchased separately from AT&T. Picocell base stations support 2.5G (EDGE) voice and data services and can serve up to twenty-eight concurrent calls per picocell.

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AT&T Remote Mobility Zone offers a simple and powerful solution for:

First Responders and Public Safety – During a disaster or emergency situation, access to a reliable communication infrastructure is a vital part of the first step in first response. All First Responders benefit from the highly portable/ mobile capabilities of the AT&T Remote Mobility Zone system, whether they are part of the federal, state or local government, or part of law enforcement and homeland security.. The AT&T Remote Mobility Zone can be installed on the roof of a command vehicle, or deployed on the ground, in a matter of minutes.

Businesses and Government Agencies looking for Business Continuity – When faced with working in remote locations access to AT&T Remote Mobility Zone brings immediate satellite connectivity for pertinent communications.

Remote Military Operations – Whether the AT&T network is needed at remote mining operations or to cover remote military installations, AT&T Remote Mobility Zone brings instant coverage.

ARMZ System Specifications

256Kbps minimum required for a single radio configuration 384Kbps minimum required for a dual radio configuration LAN Backhaul: IPSec tunnel support between the system and the AT&T Core Network, QoS recommended

Satellite ARMZ w/ 1 Radio 150W, w/ 2 Radios 210W LAN ARMZ w/ 1 Radio 120W, w/ 2 Radios 180W Radio Output Power: 23 dBm (200 mW)

Up to 28 concurrent calls. Can operate within the Continental United States; and Hawaii and Alaska upon request, where AT&T is licensed to provide cellular telephone service.

Optional ARMZ Satellite Backhaul components
Mounting System: 149 lbs. Reflector and Case: 40 lbs.

Operating Temperature
Main Unit: 41º to 104º F (5º to 40º C) Outside elements: –18º to 131º F (–28º to 55º C)

Main Unit: 60 to 80 lbs. depending on configuration, Mast & Case 40 lbs.

ARMZ Key Features

Operates using AT&T licensed spectrum – GSM phones “just work” “Instant on” – using VSAT Network Whitelist capability restricts general public access

Closed Network capability restricts access to ARMZ unit-specific whitelist users

Easy to set up and use – typically in less than 30 minutes

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