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AvL Flyaway Flight Case Mobile Antenna

AvL Flyaway Flight Case Antennas offer one of the lightest and most compact mobile satellite internet communication systems on the market.

Less Weight & More Portability

The variety of different vehicle mount satellite antenna dishes are complemented by a very wide range of flyaway flight case based antenna solutions.

These VSAT mobile satellite communication antennas are ideal for requirements that demand even lighter weight and portability. AvL’s Mobile VSAT FlyAway Antenna systems are compact, rapid-deployable, self-contained, highly rugged configurations well suited for world-wide use.

These satellite antennas can be deployed by one person in less than 15 minutes and the one button auto acquisition controller locates and precisely aligns the antenna in all three axis (azimuth, elevation AND polarization) to the required satellite

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Flyaway Flight Case Mobile Antenna Key Features

AvL Cable Drive precision positioner

Operate without computers or peripheral equipment Operate without phone calls to the network provider/operator

Can be roof mount, rack mount and portable case configured.

Each case is under 50 lbs (all three less than 150lbs)

Single button automatic satellite and network acquisition

Reflector diameters: 85cm, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.5m and 1.8m

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Their pricing plan allowed us to predict overages and provide service to all of our terminals spread throughout the State of Louisiana.

SFP S. Cockerham, Spectrum Manager, LANG

Squire Tech is the only provider that went out of their way to develop a pricing plan that was suitable to our needs in emergency service.

Louisiana National Guard

Squire Tech is responsive, knowledgeable and offers great products.

Vice President, Intelli-Flex Inc.

Your team has been outstanding to work with.

Special Operation Division, United States Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms

In southern California earthquakes and other disasters need to be prepared for, the pCom XL trailers allow us to mobilize our radio repeater and vital response assets.

Director, Department of Public Safety, University of South California

When we need service quickly for Haiti disaster response, Squire Tech stepped up BIG TIME.

Louisiana National Guard

We have been using Squire Tech’s daily oil and gas satellite services for 8 years. We have always been impressed with response time, network performance, phone quality and willingness of their staff to help when we needed services in the field.

Texas and Louisiana Oil Drilling Company

You don’t get more extreme than the oilfield in Northern Canada during the winter months. We knew the pCom XL was built to handle +130 above zero and we are equally impressed with the ability to go to -30 below zero temperatures!

President, TOG Systems

Our Terrorism Task Force was looking at competitive vendors for satellite service. We liked the fact that they could share service between our 19 state assets on a network designed for high performance operations when needed.

Assistant Chief, Emergency Management Division

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