Exploiting cognitive radios for reliable satellite communications


Satellite transmissions are prone to both unintentional and intentional RF interference. Such interference has significant impact on the reliability of packet transmissions. In this paper, we make preliminary steps at exploiting the sensing capabilities of cognitive radios for reliable satellite communications. We propose the use of dynamically adjusted frequency hopping (FH) sequences for satellite transmissions. Such sequences are more robust against targeted interference than fixed FH sequences. In our design, the FH sequence is adjusted according to the outcome of out-of-band proactive sensing, carried out by a cognitive radio module that resides in the receiver of the satellite link. Our design, called out-of-band sensing-based dynamic FH, is first analyzed using a discrete-time Markov chain (DTMC) framework.

Abdel-Rahman, M. J., Krunz, M. and Erwin, R. “Exploiting cognitive radios for reliable satellite communications” Wiley, 22 June 2014. Web. 23 June 2014.