Satellites and Hamburgers

A customer asked us an interesting question recently about our government mobile response and business satellite networks… From a State government purchasing agent; ”Since this is KU band for the internet service, what is unique about your service that no other internet [satellite] provider can provide?”

When pondering the best way to answer the question, I realized that the definition of a quality experience is much more difficult to define than just listing of the sum of its components. We titled the response “Satellites and Hamburgers”

Satellites and Hamburgers

While there are many companies who provide Internet, data and phone using KU band frequency satellites, the actual quality and customer experience offered by these companies vary greatly. I like to use the example of a hamburger (as silly as that sounds in this “rocket science” technology market). Everyone understands logically that you can buy a hamburger from many different places with many different quality levels.. Regardless of where you buy it, they are all called a “hamburger.”

We have found that the specifications and features used are almost always technical when narrowing the field during an initial purchase. That being said, it quickly turns to the experience when explaining whether they have selected a good quality or poor quality provider.

Defining what a customer considers to be a superior satellite internet service provider must begin with the quality of the technology..but at what point does the expectations of customer experience come into play? The service quality when looking at sound clarity on the phones, or the number of phone lines, or Internet and data speeds are significant factors in defining the best “hamburger” components. It is critical technically to go through every component (i.e. the beef, the lettuce, the onion, the bun, etc.) but at the end of the day it’s the combination (and ultimately the superior levels of customer support) that makes up the uniqueness and indispensability of a service provider.

Continuing with the analogy, if you truly want to know where the best Hamburger in town is, you should ask the community and listen to the feedback. You may get varying answers but you’ll definitely learn where the bad experiences have been and generally will narrow to a group of establish burger joints that are among best value for your money.  Many trust Squire Tech Solutions for the quality satellite equipment, networks and 24/7 customer service.

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Author: Michael B. Zalle > Vice President, Sales and Marketing