Squire Tech Solutions Announces 2011 pCom® V2 Communication Trailer

Today at the 30th Annual Satellite 2011 Conference (SAT 2011), Squire Tech Solutions announced immediate availability of the Squire Tech Solutions 2011 pCom® V2 communications trailer, enabling value added resellers (VAR’s), Corporations and Government agencies to deploy communications, lighting, and power infrastructure virtually anywhere.

2011 pCom® V2
Squire Tech’s 2011 pCom® V2 is the culmination of 24 months of feature revisions and updates driven by customer feedback and is part of Squire Tech’s commitment to deliver the best communications interoperability products available.

Key Features of the 2011 pCom® V2 System;
• Ultra Long Runtime Quite Diesel Power Generation (10Kw or 25Kw)
• Communications and Lighting Tower 30’ standard (up to 50’ without guy wires)
• Power and Circuitry Management System
• Single Button Auto Acquisition VSAT System
• Secure NEMA Coms Enclosure with Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning
• Zinc Dip and Powder Coating of all core steel components

Key Markets Served by the 2011 pCom® V2 System;
• Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol
• State and Federal Urban Search and Rescue
• State and Federal Emergency Management
• Business Continuity and Government Continuity of Operations
• Public Safety Communications Restoration and Operational Continuity

About Squire Tech Solutions, LLC
Founded in 2004, Squire Tech Solutions LLC (Squire Tech) is the leading satellite interoperability technology company specializing in voice, video, Internet, and data to mission critical locations. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to operate in remote and mission critical locations. The company truly offers Communications Where You Need It.