Squire Tech Solutions Releases pCom™ 300 Light

The Squire Tech Solutions pCom™ is a mobile infrastructure trailer designed to supply essential clean power, communications, lighting, and storage for diverse locations, needs and applications.

Squire Tech Solutions’ pCom™ 300-L is a mission critical power communications trailer system for Systems Integrators, Communications Experts, and Mobile Response Managers with critical communications deployment needs.

The pCom™ 300-L provides an immediately deployable, self contained diesel power generator, lighting and satellite communications infrastructure where you need it. The pCom ™ 300-L is the “light” version of the pCom 300 designed for systems integrators, emergency managers, and satellite operators who do not require the 300’s pre-integrated consumer grade VoIP gateway, Switch, iDirect 3100 satellite modem and Wi-Fi equipment.

The flexible design of the pCom ™ 300-L offers an environment to transport and operate almost any vital communication equipment or tower infrastructure. The electronics bay is designed to NEMA4 extreme environment standards to control humidity, water intrusion, heat, cooling, and air-born particulate filtration. The pCom’s on-board 10kVa ultra quiet power generation system provides for site power, core communications equipment and powerful scene lighting system.

The clean power generation, a 100 gallon internal diesel tank, and an auto-acquire satellite antenna, when combined with a standard 30’ internally cabled tower, creates the ultimate response trailer. With 40 rack units of environmentally controlled rack space, pCom operators have numerous options for their critical communications equipment.