Temporary Inflatable Military Shelter/ Tent with pCom XL

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Get Shelter, Power, Lighting and Critical Communications…. In Just 15 Minutes or Less!

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It can be extremely costly for businesses to lose access to critical communications, caused by internet and power outage… especially during an emergency or disaster event. For situations like this, we offer world class satellite communications for emergency management and environmentally exposed applications requiring quick deploy shelter and workspace.

Together, Squire Tech’s pCom® communications trailer and Western Shelter Systems’ Sentnel I, inflatable tactical shelter offer government agencies, military and private organizations the capability to:

  • Quickly deploy workspace, with little training
  • Gain high speed/ low latency satellite communications (voice, phone and data)
  • Power, shelter and controlled electrics environment

Both the pCom® XL communications trailer and Sentinel I Inflatable Shelter are built to serve similar vertical markets; with many customers in emergency response and remote field operations, including military, public safety, government agencies, Oil & Gas, SNG (Satellite News Gathering), mining, construction, disaster preparedness/ recovery, first responders, enterprise operations and much more.

Western Shelter Systems’ Sentinel I is an ideal shelter system for many because it is:

  • Ultra Portable – Fits securely in the pCom® XL – Powered Mobile Satellite Communications Trailer
  • Fast to Deploy – The soft-wall inflatable shelter is ready for use in as little as 15 minutes!
  • Durable – Along with the pCom XL Trailer, it is ready to work in rugged terrains and extreme weather conditions
  • Made for Remote Locations – As a military grade a shelter / tent, it offers a controlled electrics environment for remote operations.

By teaming up our complimentary technologies, we are able to serve our mutual target customers with reliable communications and protective shelters required to run their mission. With this unique communications trailer and inflatable shelter system, operations can travel to the farthest reaches on earth without worrying about shelter and connectivity.

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Gain the best in Remote Communications and Quick Deploy Shelter System. Together, the Sentinel I Inflatable Shelter and the pCom® XL satellite and cellular trailer platform offers instant workspace and critical communications in an instant… in any remote location on earth.