Texas Universities Weather Hurricane Ike

First the good news: Universities and research institutions in Texas suffered far less damage than some had feared from Hurricane Ike. Now, the bad news: It could take weeks for the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) on the flooded island of Galveston and satellite Texas A&M campuses in the Galveston area to be fully up and running.

With winds of 160 kilometers per hour and torrential rains, Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast early on Saturday morning, submerging most of Galveston and blowing out glass windows of skyscrapers in Houston. UTMB officials said that although none of the buildings on campus suffered any structural damage, many were inundated with 1 to 1.3 meters of water. Like the rest of Galveston and many other parts of Texas, UTMB and Texas A&M’s campuses at Fort Crockett and on Pelican Island were left without power and adequate water supply. UTMB officials said back-up generators were providing electricity for recovery operations and maintenance of key facilities such as mice colonies and freezers in which pathogens are stored.

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