Why Squire Tech Solutions Joined The EDGE®

Squire Tech Solutions manufactures advanced satellite interoperable communication networks and mobility trailer systems for first responders, military and public safety applications.
Michael B. Zalle, Vice President, Squire Tech Solutions, LLC.

Each product that Squire Tech develops goes through a collaborative engineering process with feedback from at least one end user per target market, and its integrated component manufacturers. This collaborative process begins with market demand, and is driven by Squire Tech’s core competency in engineering and development of satellite-enabled interoperability systems.

Squire Tech Solution’s model of collaboration and needs-based development aligns perfectly with that of the EDGE Innovation Network. We seek like-minded partnerships and technology forums to advance the design of our interoperable product lines. We are excited to join the EDGE and partner with its members to advance product development by collaborative analysis, design, production, and marketing. In fact, just weeks after joining the EDGE, we had our first collaborative success.

The pCom™ 300 is one of Squire Tech’s flagship products. It is a modular communications and site power trailer system focused on tactical response. pCom™ trailers are deployed for varying applications, including: radio tower on demand, satellite voice and data backhaul, long term autonomous field Operations Power System, and remote scene surveillance applications.
We began the collaborative process with fellow EDGE member DRS Laurel Technologies. Using the EDGE process, we began engineering discussions focused on the development of military compliant modifications to our commercial fly-away and trailer-based responder systems.

Squire Tech and DRS Laurel Technologies will work together on projects focusing on the mobilization of field systems by leveraging in the pCom™ powered communications trailer system and DSR lines of hardened technologies. The combination of the two organizations engineering strengths addresses the critical First Responder and War Fighter requirement for rapid deployment and ease of operation.

The EDGE Innovation Network provides Squire Tech access to field operations personnel that will use our equipment during a mission. This allows us to collect feedback on our products directly from our customer base and from other EDGE members who work in conjunction with Squire Tech. This immediate feedback drives our design changes and product improvements, allowing us to better serve our customers, as well as end operators deployed in the field.

About the author

Michael Zalle is Vice President, Sales and Marketing, and an Owner-Partner of Squire Tech Solutions. He serves as the company’s primary interface with the EDGE Innovation Network. Squire Tech represents a line of quality products including: integrated vehicle satellite communications systems, pCom™ powered communications trailers, as well as Ku and C band stationary network offerings for mission critical facilities. Squire Tech also provides commercial Ku and C band TDMA satellite networks for voice, video, and data applications to foreign and domestic customers. You can reach Michael directly at MZalle@SquireTechSolutions.com or through the Squire Tech Solutions website at SquireTechSolutions.com.