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Back Up and Full Time Communication Solutions

Reliable broadband satellite communications for remote and backup operations is critical for any company. Field teams and business operations staff need to communicate to perform their function. Without phones, data, Internet, or other critical resources most businesses will not be able to function. Squire Tech Solutions’ Business Continuity Communications integrates with your existing communication systems to ensure connectivity where and when you need it.

  • Low Cost of Ownership

  • Install and Operational in Hours

  • No special technical skills required

  • Broadband Internet Network

  • Enterprise class components

  • Phone and fax capability with network prioritization

  • IP connectivity for full time and backup services

  • Multi-source WAN gateway

  • Dedicated Power Management

  • Long Range Secure WiFi Access Point

  • 24 x 7 Support Infrastructure

Packages & Service Plans

Squire Tech Solutions’ Business Continuity (BC) Equipment Packages and Service Plans offer low satellite latency, high quality audio and video for live business applications. Our small antennas fit easily on any building, ground mounted pole or company office trailer. Resilient VSAT hardware operation free up valuable time to focus on other vital response tasks. Bandwidth can be available in days rather than months or weeks. User friendly satellite communications operates just like DSL, Cable, or any other IP Network. No special skills are required. BC systems are ideal for any critical operation. Field teams and business operations staff need to communicate to perform their function. They cannot perform without relying on phone lines, data, Internet, or other critical resources. Squire Tech Solutions’ Business Continuity Communications integrates with your communication systems to ensure connectivity where and when you need it.

Squire Tech Solutions Business Continuity packages offer many levels of sophistication from a simple satellite antenna, modem, and router to connect to your existing infrastructure (BC100) to a completely integrated office communications suite (BC600).

BC 100 BC 500 BC 600
All Equipment Rack Mounted, Tested, and Cased
Single Button Auto Acquire Satellite Antenna
Tested and Certified Satellite RF Kit
Satellite Router
Broadband Satellite Modem
Integrated Wiring
Broadband Internet
PoE Local Switch
Uninterruptible Power Supply with advanced display
Long Range Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi
Enterprise VoIP Router with Multiple LAN and WAN
Analog Phone Jacks (4 or 8)
Full Feature PBX phone system Optional Optional
VoIP Phones with Digital Display Optional Optional
Cordless Enterprise VoIP Phones
Intercom and Public Announcement System

Business Continuity Solutions for most any critical connectivity need

  • Business Field Offices

  • Full Time or Semi-Permanent Locations

  • Company Office Trailers

  • Remote Operations Facilities

  • Remote Telemedicine

  • Private Secure Networks

  • Back up and Corporate Applications

  • Oil and Gas Service Offices

  • Mining and Exploration Sites

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