Oil and Gas Daily Mobile Satellite Internet Services

Squire Tech Solution specializes in serving the needs of remote oil and gas drilling rig operations

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The Squire Tech daily oil and rig site satellite services specializes in solving Internet, Phone and Intercom needs of the remote operations of oil and gas rig operation. Our customers work in environments where telecommunications are either poor or nonexistent. We are ready to help!

Make the call and we’ll get you set up… it’s just that easy.

Squire Techs daily drilling rig customers often work in environments where cellular, phone, and Internet are unavailable. This often means that the Company Man, Mud Logger, Tool Pusher or others have to drive to the closest spot where cell phone coverage works to call HQ (or even further for reliable email and fax). We are here to deliver phone, fax, WiFi, Intercom and daily rental Oil and Gas Rig Site Satellite Internet Services.


Whether in Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, and other temporary remote locations. This mobile satellite internet enterprise package does not require a technician, network engineer, or IT specialist to operate. We can deliver commercial grade phone, fax, and daily mobile Satellite Internet to Oil and Rig companies.


Cisco Digital and/or Hardened Telephone, Fax, Broadband Internet, WiFi, and Data services:

  • Trailer Mount Satellite Dish kit
  • Hardened cables and fittings for oil site wide communications

  • Up to 20 phones (corded or cordless)

  • Secure wireless network for Internet access on site

  • Phone and Fax

  • Management Router

Daily Oil & Rig Site satellite mobile internet Service Plans starting at $80/day. (equipment and service included)

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