Huge Savings on Satellite Internet System for Mobile Command Vehicles

Farber Specialty Vehicle Discount - Mobile Command Vehicle, Mobile command postWe at Squire Tech Solutions take pride in offering our customers only the very best in satellite internet systems. We partner with top-notch suppliers and offer outstanding customer service making us the #1 trusted provider of satellite internet communications systems. We’re excited to announce that we have teamed up with Farber Specialty Vehicles, Inc., offering a limited time promotion on a Complete Satellite System and Installation package for your mobile command post. This means that you can save a huge $4,500 dollars on your next satellite internet system (with installation).

When your field operation is on mission critical business, you’re in good hands with Squire Tech Solutions and Farber Specialty Vehicles. Many organizations have adopted our satellite internet systems on their mobile command centers, giving them access to reliable Broadband Satellite, Wi-Fi Access, and VoIP Communications. If you’ve considered a dependable satellite communication system on your mobile command vehicle, there is no better time than now. This limited time discount of $4,500 ends December 31st 2014.

What is included with the Satellite Internet System and Installation package? 
Together Squire Tech and Farber Specialty Vehicles offer the best in mobile satellite internet equipment, vehicle and service. The system on sale includes:
1M Carbon Fiber Satellite Dish, iDirect X5 modem, Power over Ethernet Network Switch, Secure Phone Gateway, Dedicated Battery Backup, Wi-Fi Access, Full Feature Phone Switch, Six (6) Cisco Phones, Public Announcement System, Necessary Wiring, and all other materials to provide a Turn-Key System!

farber specialty vehicles, mobile command center, farber specialty vehicles sale, discount offerWhere will you Install the Satellite Internet System? We are all about customer service. Let us know the best option for you and we’ll make it happen. We can install the satellite internet system package at our facility, or we can come to you.

How do I get this special limited-time deal?  Give us a call and mention the $4,500 discount offer on a Complete Satellite System and Installation package.  The customer service team at Squire Tech will get your turn-key quote to you in minutes.

This is a limited time deal that won’t last forever. This offer expires December 31st 2014.  Looking into a different solution for your satellite internet communications need? Squire Tech’s satellite internet, phone and data services include; mobile satellite equipment for vehicles such as SUVs and trucks, fixed /rooftop satellite solutions for businesses, satellite backup/ disaster recovery, and daily rental satellite communications for remote locations.

Call Squire Tech Solutions at (877) 787.5111 for more information. Our expert satellite internet consultants are standing by to help you put together the right system for your unique operational needs.


The team at Squire Tech Solutions