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Service Equipment and Contracts

All Squire Tech equipment packages are designed to be remotely accessible (we do the work) and we only use the best in external equipment.  Our equipment is physical maintenance free.   It’s part of the Advantages of the equipment we provide.

No.  Any required firmware upgrade on our Mobile Responder satellite equipment kits (and integrated sub components) are included.

How many scheduled maintenance times does Squire Tech have and when are they planned?

We have traditionally had less than 1 schedule (60 minute or less) maintenance window annually.  We plan them at least 30 days in advance whenever possible and we communicate with the network users about what to expect before, during, and after a maintenance. Squire Tech tries to offer and communicate benefits with network upgrades.  Our eyes always on  improving performance and customer experience.

We will NOT leave you stranded!  If you cannot be on the network during the maintenance window, we will put every effort into finding a convenient time to change your system over.

Zero.  Though we have had one that only had 18 hour advance notice.  That outage start to finish was approx 12 minutes.

We bill either monthly or annually in advance based on customer preference.  Equipment kits be paid  in advance of shipment.

As a satellite internet service provider, our terms and prices are very simple.  We offer a fair price for satellite internet service and don’t have extra ‘fat’ to discount unless we gain economies by the order volume.   On satellite internet services, we do offer discounts as we buy frequencies very long term.  Standard satellite internet service agreement term is 12 months. We do offer monthly, 24 months and 36 months.

Whether you buy 1 year, 2 year or 3 year our satellite service network costs are pretty consistent.   If we are able to gain economies and lower prices, we will offer them to our existing customers and new.  Buying very long term satellite internet service contracts is not recommended, but we have had happy customers who have asked, and we’ve agreed, to advance renew based on available budget money.

Other than our Daily Rig Site Satellite Internet Rental fleet, our customers own the equipment.  It’s yours and is able to be other satellite communications networks.

Our network service level availability commitment is 99.5%    This is directly tied to geostationary satellite availability contracts and includes ‘solar interference’.

If you are every unhappy with the performance of your satellite internet service, Yes, you can cancel. Although this has not happened in over 10 years, we do have a belief that it benefits nobody to hold a customer to a contract if they aren’t getting what they bought.   This is industry wide problem and we want to change it.   We will work with our satellite internet customers to help you identify needs and present solutions so that you can access reliable satellite internet communications where you need it.

Note: That doesn’t mean we can supply 100 Mbps over a shared 5 x 2 Mbps link.  Expectations are key here, but we are confident  and a proven provider of the best service available for the price.

pCom XL

Our largest customers are cellular carriers, public safety (state government), and oil and gas service organizations.  We have seen many applications for smaller government and university agencies who cannot afford a full mobile command center but require an ability to respond with full communications suite found usually only in $1,000,000 command centers.

Yes!  As long as the vsat is in the network or you have a data carrier connection, you can access the data linked core systems.    Optional pCom remote monitoring systems available.  Call us for details

No! We have an on-board transfer switch that can be plugged into any standard outlet.  On order we can modify this transfer switch and outbound power jacks (20A, 30A, 50A) to meet customer requirements.

Absolutely!   If you have clean power, use it!  We have an auto transfer switch.  Plug it in, systems will function.

Yes! The pCom Has standard options for a 9, 12 or 20kW.

Unlike custom fabricated trailers, the pCom is pre-engineered, reinforced, and wired to handle it’s upgrade path.

We do not sell pCom communications trailer systems without a generator or provide customer selected generators.  This same philosophy goes for core data center air conditioners, heaters, on-board compressors, core control panels and electrical transfer components.   Like all Squire Tech Solutions Systems, we hold quality and consistency to the highest standard.  We cannot support a “mix and match” component model while maintaining the best quality products.

Kobota 9kW Diesel power plant with an EPS and electronic governor

pCom XL can run for 3 weeks without refueling at 60% load.

The pCom satellite internet communications trailer is designed around rugged and tough environments.  Diesel fuel in industrial applications and emergency management is the most readily available.  It also requires a lower service interval.

pCom XL comes standard with a 9,000 watt diesel generator. Optional 12,000 watt and 20,000 watt generators are available.

Yes!  The pCom XL is in operation today for many different non satellite applications.   Trailer is ideal as a Radio, Microwave, Cellular,  Surveillance or Data Center on the move.    Most applications use the VSAT as an alternative back-haul.   Yes, the pCom XL you purchase without a satellite antenna.

Vehicle Satellite Data Equipment

Yes.  As long as you have a broadband link to your internal switch, we can connect to it.  It’s not recommended if you are using this service for emergency backup.  Most customers operate under the assumption that their core systems are off line/unreachable.

We can (and often do) forward number to the unlisted Squire Tech satellite enabled phone lines.

Either way, YES we can!

Great question!   Early on in our business, we supplied Emergency Management Police, Sheriff, Fire and Rescue, and Homeland Security almost exclusively.   It was where we made our name and built our reputation.  Command Vehicles manufacturers  and Government coms trailers were 75-80% of our business.

Today, Squire Tech  is about 40% Government and 60% Commercial.   We have focused on lowering costs and providing solutions that make sense for our core vertical markets;  Mobile Cellular Trailers, Oil and Gas, Healthcare/Mobile Medicine, and Business Remote Access & Disaster Restoral (DR).  Click here to learn more about our mobile command center applications.

The system is complete, integrated and complete.   Your IT group does not have to be involved (open public Internet, phones, local area network and wireless access) but we are happy to work with any internal team leads who wants to be involved.   We are experts in security, VPN’s and remote access.  We can do as much or as little as your needs requires.

All you need is a standard power outlet for inside equipment and a place to mount the dish.

Squire Tech provides complete packages for vehicle, trailers, and buildings.  We will work with your vehicle manufacturer, facility team, or internal IT group deliver a complete system that can be 100% operational within 30 minutes of  delivery.

With all our Squire Tech packages we provide an industry leading Service Level Agreement and Guarantee.  It includes 100% coverage of equipment, vsat system integration and satellite based internet and phone service.

Maybe.  If you have a consumer grade service (WildBlue, DirecTV, HughesNet) it may not be possible to just ‘move you over’.   However, if you have equipment that is using an iDirect modem today, we can very likely help you improve the experience and performance.

We’ve been told our network is more responsive and have more consistency than any other satellite network.  We strike for perfection and feel confident that anyone who moves to our network will become a vocal fan.

Yes.  We commonly have customers with existing antennas requesting to buy service our network.   We have experience with non Mobile Responder kit antennas;  MotoSat F2 , Ground Control TouchSat, MotoSat F3, TracStar, iNetVu, C-Com antenna’s.  We have had wide range of success and technical consistency attempting to bring them onto the network.

We are very confident if you have an operational AvL antenna, we can bring the unit onto the network.

No.    We operate on satellites optimal for high speed data and critical services.   The low cost of DirecTV and Dish networks satellite antennas/receivers have  made it ideal for a separate system.  90% of the command centers and trailers we supply services on have DirecTV or Dish Network antennas adjacent.

iDirect is a hardware manufacturer that develops and manufactures satellite network control equipment.  Operators (like Squire Tech) purchase, install and operate this “hub” equipment at satellite teleports to supply service to end user hardware over leased satellite frequencies.

Example: iDirect  (in a cellular phone example) makes the cell phones and the cellular tower equipment, AT&T (Squire Tech) maintains/runs the network and manages the network in total.

Given that satellite is a semi-mature technology, many customers have the knowledge and experience to assess the technology.  Satellite antennas (the ‘dish’) and modems only make up about 20% of the customer experience.  Buying a dish and components online may save about 5-7% off of buying from a platinum re-seller and authorized installer like Squire Tech.

Key Package Benefits:

  • 100%  Warranty on complete equipment package (including sub components)
  • Platinum dealer field support on Auto Acquire Antennas, Controllers, Amplifiers, Receivers, Modems, Switches, Cables, Phones,  Access Points  and more.
  • Integrated system with documentation for training and legacy experience.
  • Inventory management and advanced RMA on support.
  • We test every component, document, integrate, re-test, certify and deliver.

Because a great satellite experience begins with a perfected equipment package.

Fixed Site Satellite Services

Our service rates are designed to provide the most performance for the money.  We are able to ‘pool’ bandwidth for groupings of sites.  Contacts us to discuss but most likely YES, we can develop a plan to fit your multi-site network need.  Click here to learn more about our fixed / rooftop satellite internet services.
No.   The “Satellite Dish” and “iDirect Modem” are only about 20% of the solution.  This is a common misconception by end users  and knowledgeable resellers.

This is very much like saying your iPhone makes your cell service work.  Its an important piece and not to be dismissed, but the satellite network provider needs to put millions (or even billions) of dollars into the infrastructure to enable your satellite dish/ antenna.

The end user equipment programming and comparability will determine a successful operation when its needed.   We NEVER recommend buying equipment from a wholesale hardware distributor, third party, ebay, amazon, or elsewhere.  It’s a very risky proposition with the supplier being distanced from the performance.

Have peace of mind with a reliable business continuity satellite internet system.  When push comes to shove, your operator (Squire Tech Solutions) is responsible for the complete system performance.

Standard satellite service coverage is in domestic United States, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South America.  We have targeted coverage in Africa and much of the middle east.

Learn more about our satellite internet services here:

No.  Satellite internet communications is generally not a solution for locations that have access to terrestrial (fiber, copper, cable) circuits.  Satellite internet, phone and data equipment and service is a great backup and a great solution for remote needs, but truth of the matter is everything being equal the cost for performance on satellite is higher than any terrestrial service.  Even on a command center or FEMA trailer or major business operation, we advise to link to fiber or cell networks first.

BUT….. when you can rely on nothing else, after an event devastated all local resources, you can trust in satellite. Squire Tech Solutions’ Satellite Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Planning Services is the best in VSAT Satellite Communications. We make it easy to implement with the flexibility to quickly integrate with your current communication systems to ensure connectivity is always live,  where and when you need it.

Rig Site Communications

Yes, we require a contract with our Oil and Gas Daily Mobile Satellite Internet Service Plans.

We offer short term options giving you flexibility for your business, however all our services require an agreement.  This is for our customers protection as much as it is ours.  Our service level commitment and agreement terms are part of the service order.

Everything is included in the daily oil and rig satellite communications plan; from reliable high speed Internet over satellite,  to full rig communications (intercom, cell booster, phones, fax, wifi, different ‘house’ configurations).  We pull the VSAT communications trailer in with everything you need. You rent the system by the day.  When you’re done, we come get it.

We bill monthly or at the end of the use period.

Yes! If you have a temporary location in East Texas, South Texas, Oklahoma or Louisiana needing satellite, phones, Internet, intercom, and cell phone boosters delivered, we are your shop. Give us a call.

We’ve served all size operations.  Typically we supply 40-60 man operations running 24/7 for about 90 days.  We supply company man, tool pusher, and about 3 or 4 other on site trailers with internet, phones, and data.

Our field install team has a territory of coverage.  We will open new territories, with squire tech staff, based on agreement clusters of 7 rigs.  We alternatively can supply and train third party network managers with what they need to serve their companies territory needs.

Yes!  Squire Tech offers cellular repeaters as part of our daily satellite communications for rig site service.  Ask your field installer or call us to arrange delivery.

The Squire Tech daily satellite communications services specializes in Internet, Phone and Intercom needs of the remote operations of oil and gas rig operation.

YES!  You can purchase Oil and Gas Rig Intercoms with daily rental satellite internet service.  We supply quality Intercom with wireless or wired connection based on customer preference.

Yes!  Our Daily Rental Satellite internet services for remote locations (oil and gas rig sites) are optimized for standard fax machines.  At Squire Tech we feel it’s important to focus on customers existing processes and keep an eye on future technologies using satellite.

No!  Squire Tech Solutions has been in the full service oil and gas satellite communications rental markets since 2004; with our first deployments in the Haynesville Shale.

The Squire Tech daily rig site satellite communications services specializes in Internet, Phone and Intercom needs of the remote operations of oil and gas rig operation. Our customers work in environments where telecommunications are either poor or nonexistent. We are ready to help!

Satellite Networks

In early October, Late Season Solar Attenuation will take place over the Teleport.  This is predictable, and there is a small possibility that it will be service affecting for one or more of your remote sites.  This season spans roughly 5 days and lasts only a few minutes each day.

What is Solar Attenuation?

A situation in which the satellite in is a direct line between the satellite antenna and the sun.  Noise from the sun’s radiation mixes with the satellite carrier – degrading the carrier signal for a short time.

No!  We supply Responder satellite service to existing satellite equipment.  Please contact our sales team to find out the steps of migration.  (877) 787-5111

No!  In fact, we expect our customers to be without communications when they need our service the most.  Our pCom XL communications trailers and Satellite Communications systems are developed to push the button and come into the network.  Our customers require this.

We want you to call in during your FREE monthly test.  Its important that we see the signal strength and talk through the experience. This feedback helps us develop better products and also understand operational expectations.

The Squire Tech service is build around versatility.  If during an ‘event’ or your existing satellite provider has problems, we will always do our best to help.  It’s our philosophy and our commitment.  That said, to guarantee service, we need to have set up an account and certified the equipment on the network.  If you have a pre-test  Squire Tech kit you bought from your vehicle manufacturer (such as Farber Specialty, LDV, EVI, or Frontline)  that has not been activated, or you have an AvL / TracStar antenna with an iDirect modem, most likely we can give you service very quickly.  Other satellite dish manufacturer performance is less consistent and you should prepare for a longer activation process (if at all achievable, based on the existing dish/modem/buc equipment).

Rain fade is all about signal absorption and scattering of incoming signal. By far the greatest single event reduction (not elimination) in power of signal is caused by rain, not so much water vapor, i.e. humidity and fog.  Since rain only forms in the troposphere, which extends seven miles above the earth, and satellites in geostationary orbit are 35,800 km (22,500 miles) above the earth, a signal travelling through a rain cell will experience attenuation during only a very small portion of its transmission path. In fact, terrestrial microwave transmissions (always in the rain) are more susceptible to the effects of rain attenuation because their signal paths are entirely in the troposphere, and the signal may pass through an entire rain cell.

Squire Tech’s network is designed around ‘powering through’ (i.e having enough BUC power and up-link power at our teleports) to transmit through heavy rainfall. Our Ku frequency iDirect satellite networks are built to dynamically increase in power as long as you are using a stable .85 meter or greater AvL satellite antenna which has lowest in industry backlash impact from wind and rain.

Note: Although we do support all greater size aperture dishes, we do not see great economic/performance value in 1.2 meter Ku Band antenna upgrades over 1.0 meter for purposes of weather performance.

YES!  We have 3 satellites that we can access and the network design allows for changing between them very easily.   Our equipment kits are pretested to be able to move networks and perform to like capabilities regardless of which satellite (bird). See our Coverage Maps

We offer commercial, government, and medical satellite networks optimized for up to 25 voice lines, broadband data links, and commercial secure networks.

Squire Tech operate iDirect networks on the following satellites:   Amazonas 2, Intelsat  Galaxy 28, Intelsat  Galaxy 18, Telstar T11-n and Eutelsat Satmex 6.  These are all iDirect platforms (Infinity and/or evolution) with a minimum equipment requirement of 1.0 meter (except AvL Fly-aways dishes) and 4 Watt BUC.  We achieve 99.95 % uptime on all platforms based on this.

Absolutely NOT!  

Without these applications, Squire Tech would be out of business.  We are not a consumer equipment or services company.  We only deal in critical solutions.  Critical (by our definition) means that the customers operational requirement is met.

Clear Phone Calls, Secure VPN’s and remote access to company resources is what our equipment kits and network offerings are built to achieve.

On average, Squire Tech’s customers pay about $175/month and $100/day during emergency events or rig site daily rental services with phones and internet. Our average customer receives services of 5 Mbps x 2 Mbps network access and have 24 hour free technical support on our provided equipment/network

Industry Answer:  A geostationary satellite (which we buy frequencies on for 5-7 years at a time) costs $350 million dollars to put in orbit.  They last about 15 years.  Space operators, such as Intelsat, Eutelsat, HispaSat, Telstar own this fleet.  They aren’t a service provider of individual industry vertical solutions, but rather in the business of monetizing the frequencies they have through selling to operators like Squire Tech.   Operators own iDirect Hub equipment, rent uplink space at various teleports, collated control equipment to serve packaged offerings to end customers.

YES!  The Squire Tech network  was designed to be secured for Public Safety, Medical and Commercial purposes.   95% of our customers rank security as a top priority, so we better be be good at it.

The iDirect technology we run (our core satellite hub platforms for the service and the equipment on your side) is the the first TRANSEC-compliant, FIPS-certified security package available in the industry.   The flexibility and scale ability of the iDirect Evolution product line makes  “true” private networks with AES encryption, VLAN segregation and military-grade TRANSEC security and FIPS 140-2 certification possible.

The Squire Tech Network supports AES, Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) and integrates into core MPLS networks over Satellite.