Military Communications Satellites

When it comes to mission critical communications for the military, Squire Tech has always been the recommended service provider, specifically for military communications satellites.  We offer both fixed and mobile satellite systems for a wide range of applications, depending on project requirements.  Our pCom XL trailers and inflatable military tent shelters are among our many options for military communication satellite packages. With many operations do not know where they will be setting up even the day before. Mobility for the US Army and other military organizations is essential in addition to requiring critical connectivity at all times.  Squire Tech Solution’s temporary inflatable military shelter tents and pCom trailers are leading the industry in military communication satellites, providing shelter, communication, power, and more… all deployable within minutes.

Military Shelter Satellite Communications Trailer

Military Communications – Quick Shelter and Dependable Comms

Power outages or working in areas where a lack of connectivity is common, can cause potentially dangerous consequences, particularly during emergency situations. Squire Tech Solutions has created satellite communication solutions for such events and field operations. For military organizations, access to communication is vital, and Squire Tech has worked hard to provide a unique solution to both instant satellite communications and shelter.  Teamed up, the pCom communications trailers and Western Shelter’s Sentinel I inflatable tents offer the very best in remote communications solutions.

Features of Temporary Inflatable Military Shelters and pCom Trailers  

Squire Tech Solution’s inflatable military shelter tent solution offer a large amount of usable space, with 172 square footage. In addition to a comfortable environment that protects from harsh weather conditions, windows are included for visibility, HVAC access ports are incorporated as well, and internal inflators that get rid of the need for additional pumps or other installation accessories. Other benefits include its portability, making it fit perfectly in our world class pCom XL communication trailers. Once a location is decided, simply remove the portable shelter and deploy.  The shelters are usable within minutes, and easy to install with their soft-wall inflatable features. Not much labor or time is required to achieve protection from the elements and reliable communication with Squire Tech. For military operations working in remote locations, such inflatable and mobile features are key. The option of shelters or creating shelters along with satellite trailers allows Squire Tech Solutions to provide military communication systems that ensure reliable connection and a protective environment.

Please visit https://squiretechsolutions.comtemporary-inflatable-military-shelter-tent-with-pcom-xl/ to learn more about all military communication systems packages available through Squire Tech Solutions or to purchase a package today.