MilsatMagazine article – Command Center Satellite Industry: Michael Zalle

Command-Center-Michael-ZalleThank you MilsatMagazine for publishing an article on our Vice President Michael Zalle.  The article called, “Command Center: Michael Zalle”, features information on Michael’s background and experience in the Satellite Communications Industry since 2001.  As Vice President at a leading edge satellite equipment, networks and communications trailer platform, Michael shares his thoughts on the current state on the satellite communications industry and perceived trends.  The interview included answering the following key questions:

  • Mr. Zalle, what made you decide to enter the Satellite Industry?  Was there something that you thought was missing?
  • How does your 14+ years of experience in the satellite communications industry bring value to this market?  Particularly in the homeland security, local/ federal agencies and remote commercial industry?
  • What makes Squire Tech different from other companies?
  • You’re best known for your pCom® XL communications trailer, but does it benefit operations in remote locations?  How is it different from all the other satellite and other tower trailers we see around at trade shows and in the industry?
  • Who are some Squire Tech partners currently using the Mobile Responder Systems?
  • How do you see the North American market developing or expanding in the future?
  • What is Squire Tech doing to capitalize on the current market opportunities?

This article also details the best tactical communications trailer and satellite antenna system on the market.   Click here to download the “Command Center: Michael Zalle” article in pdf.

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