pCom Mini Communications System

A single structure, safely transportable, skid version pCom® designed for field and response services.

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Same Rugged pCom® Platform…just smaller!

The pCom® Mini is a full feature, rugged and field worthy communications platform made for command control or base camp needs. Whether you’re preparing a response fleet or just a single transportable, the pCom® Mini provides the secure infrastructure needed. Lightweight and transportable, this unit creates a serious communications hub anywhere. Rugged, strong and insulated design provides strength for virtually any field environment. The pCom® Mini is a self-powered, environmentally sound and cost effective solution for field operations.

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  • Truck bed or trailer design

  • Free standing ground unit

  • Transportable by land, air or sea

  • 13 pCom® Mini’s fit a 53′ trailer fleet

  • Easily fit pCom® Mini fleet in a C-140 Cargo jet

  • Fork-lift channels and hoist rings

  • Heated and cooled with roadworthy HVAC

  • Removable communications cases

  • Protected power systems

  • High-power LED scene lighting

  • Low stowed height clearance

  • Single button auto acquisition VSAT System (optional)

  • Pneumatic tower with compressor

  • Power generator (very low noise) with onboard tank

  • pCom® I/O panel and control interface

  • Shore power

  • Built-In battery charger

Perfect for Tough Operations

  • Field Operations

  • FirstNet and Incident Response

  • On-Demand Services

  • Drone and UAV Control Center

  • Communications Base Camp

pCom mini Satellite trailer for Truckbed/ trucks

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