Portable Fly and Drive Satellite Internet Systems

With Squire Tech Solutions, portable fly and drive satellite internet systems are not only possible, but also made easy.  We realize the need for reliable satellite connectivity when it comes to internet, phone and data… especially on the go. For serious organization and agencies, there is nothing more important than taking satellite communications on the go… even in locations not yet determined.  No matter where your operation takes you and your team, Squire Tech works hard to provide satellite internet systems (equipment and service) that allow for continuous access to high speed broadband network.  With top rated satellite equipment, our satellite service packages are next to none.  We offer many options to choose from, allowing you to deploy satellite comms within minutes.  Our customers depend on the portability of our mobile satellite systems, often taking them to some of the most remote and rugged locations on earth. The lightweight antenna satellite systems can be transported anywhere you can fly or drive. Or, customers can choose to simply mount them on various vehicles including trucks, SUVS, and more. In both cases, the mobile satellite antenna systems provide IP communications and work on almost any vehicle.

Reliable Satellite Internet System Plans

Squire Tech’s portable fly and drive satellite internet packages allow you the choice of what fits your unique operation.  All plans guarantee connection and additionally we focus on excellence in customer service.  We provide 24×7 customer support on all our packages and equipment, to help make sure you always stay connected and have the support you need anywhere and anytime. Such portable satellite internet systems start as low as $80 a month; a small investment for any serious organization.  Choose from mobile, rental, full time options, or even the latest pCom trailer applications, all of which are geared towards creating continuous connected services. Additionally, Squire Tech’s plans include iDirect Satellite Internet and ensure phone, data, email, VPN, radio, video, and more, are always working. All plans offer flexibility and dependability you can count on.

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Contact us at Squire Tech Solutions today to learn more about our satellite services and equipment packages.  We’re here to answer any other questions you may have. We can walk you through step by step how our equipment and packages work, or help you choose which plan might be the right choice for you and your various applications.