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Project Description

Hunter Communications

Hunter Communications was founded in 2002 as a satellite bandwidth and teleport provider. We work as an independent agent, working with satellite network service providers, US Gov’t contractors and teleports worldwide.
Squire Tech Solutions:
Hunter provides legal and commercial negotiation services on behalf of our clients. Hunter Comm currently has approximately 1000 MHz under direct contract which we provide to our clients. In addition, Hunter has several clients for whom we provide negotiation services on their behalf to procure large volumes of capacity, representing an additional ~4000 MHz. Our typical scenario involves us working with a client on a particular project or bid, to analyze the right satellite options and technology and then working to make that bid the most efficient and cost-effective possible. Rather than the typical situation of an operator looking to sell a particular portion of segment that is in its best-interest, Hunter looks at all options to find the best fit for technical, regulatory and cost concerns.
Headquarters: Harrison, NY