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iDirect (VT Systems)

iDirect Intelligent Platform™

iDirect is the industry’s leading IP-based satellite communications company providing technology, hardware, software, and services that enable VSAT service providers to optimize their networks and profitably expand their businesses. Our iDirect Intelligent Platform™ is a single, unified IP-based satellite architecture engineered to handle the widest range of applications and market needs.
Satellite Equipment Manufacturer
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iDirect Evolution HUB Operator
Value Added Reseller / Integration Partner
Distribution Channel Partner
Certified Dealer
Warranty Repair Center

For nearly 20 years, iDirect has realized the value of satellite connectivity and its power to serve a broad range of industries and geographies.

Today, satellite IP communications represents a powerful solution to deliver high-speed, two-way connectivity enabling IP applications in any environment. Satellite overcomes distance and environmental challenges, taking broadband to any location as part of an integrated network. Satellite is independent of terrestrial infrastructure and can be accessed immediately, providing operational continuity and a communications lifeline in emergencies. It can extend broadband across the ocean and into the sky. And portable systems can be deployed at a moment’s notice in any geography or situation.

As the global market for satellite connectivity grows across a wide range of industries, opportunities for iDirect partners continue to expand.
Unique Partner-Centric Business Model. Unlike other satellite communications companies, our business model is based entirely on providing technology exclusively for our partners’ networks. We do not offer VSAT service; instead, we are 100 percent focused on developing the ground infrastructure technology – the iDirect Intelligent Platform — that allows our partners to build the most optimized satellite networks; differentiate their services; seize new revenue opportunities; maintain margins and lower TCO; and expand their businesses. Today, our partners and their customers know and trust the iDirect name and rely on our technology and people to optimize their networks and profitably grow their businesses.

Headquarters: 13861 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300Herndon, Virginia20171