Strike LLC – Safety First in the Energy Industry

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Project Description

Strike’s embedded safety culture enables its employees to perform their tasks without injury to themselves, team members, the general public, or the environment. Strike is committed to excellence in safety and maintaining the goal of Strike Zero!

The Challenge:
Strike realized early on that in order to meet their energy customers’ performance objectives, the first objective is to achieve safety and incident response abilities regardless of how remote the operation is. Before a single foot steps onto a Strike location, reliable satellite communications (320) for safety calling must be in place. In these very remote (undisclosed) locations, satellite internet using VSAT networks are often the only way to connect. Strike required a satellite communications solution that could handle a variety of safety communications methods as well as business communications — including satellite internet, voice, and private cellular. It needed to be independent and scalable to support hundreds of Strike employees, most importantly, it was critical to be fast and easy to set up in any location or situation.
The Solution:
The Strike solution is a two-way VSAT satellite communications trailer called the pCom XL providing 9kW power generation, environmental data center, 30’ coms tower with lighting and private cellular network on board.

This solution combines Strike’s core internal safety systems with Squire Tech’s iDirect satellite network functionality on the Mobile Responder VSAT satellite network. The iDirect network combines Hub Site management, Internet Interconnect services, and Space Segment allocation for the network. It also allows for the pCom XL Communications Trailer to link Voice, Data, Radio, and AT&T Remote Mobility Zone cellular backhaul to existing Strike systems and employees.

The combination of Strike’s internal systems and the pCom XL mobile command trailer with satellite communications enables the auto acquisition functionality of the AvL satellite dish without the need for expert personnel. This has greatly reduced the cost of operations and increased the speed in which to deliver core services; high speed satellite internet and communications systems.

  • Entire System deployable in less than 10 minutes.
  • ARMZ AT&T Cellular Phones to function without requiring handset changes.
  • Broadband data for public Internet access.
  • Private data for secure link back to company and customer headquarters.
  • Secure Long Range Wi-Fi capabilities for the construction site employees and subcontractor access.
  • Dual axle trailer capable of being pulled by any standard tow vehicle.
  • On board clean diesel power generation for internal and external systems.
  • Large fuel tank for long run times.
  • 34’ pneumatic tower for cellular antenna, scene lighting, Wi-Fi and security cameras.
  • Environmentally controlled electronics enclosures with communication racks (42 RU for servers)
  • DVR’s, switches, AT&T ARMZ equipment, and VSAT Satellite.
  • Large storage area for critical equipment and accessories including handsets, batteries, and
  • other operational and safety tools.
  • Secure cabling infrastructure for Satellite, Cellular, and IT networking.

pCom XL Solution Features:

  • “Instant on” – using VSAT (typically in under 3 minutes)
  • Operates using Ku Band Satellite spectrum
  • Secure Network capability restricts general public access to only those who are registered.
  • Unit can support up to 20 concurrent calls.
  • WiFi coverage area up to ½ mile radius

We found ourselves in challenging situation for a high profile customer on a remote site. The telco was weeks away and we literally had a dime holding up a dollar, […] pCom XL with its phone and data capabilities put us back in motion to serve our customer to remain on schedule and under budget.

A. Cole Pate, President and Chief Operating Officer, Strike LLC

Market: Energy Industry: pipeline, facilities, fabrication, maintenance and integrity services

Customer: Strike LLC

pCom® XL Communications Trailer by:  Squire Tech Solutions, LLC

Technical Brief:  Strike is a leading North American provider of pipeline, facilities, fabrication, maintenance and integrity services to world renowned energy companies.  Their integrated network of energy services ranges from upstream production, processing and gathering facilities to high pressure transmission and distribution lines.

pCom® XL Solution: This construction management customer required two primary abilities before they were able to commence with construction at their customers’ location. First, they required a “Safety Department” sign off which showed they could call out in case of emergency. Secondly, they required that employees and managers have cellular phones that functioned in a territory without cellular towers.

Squire Tech Solutions pCom® XL: The pCom® XL is a mission critical mobile powered communications trailer developed and manufactured by Squire Tech Solutions LLC. Its substructure is a mid-duty dual axle trailer designed for critical deployments in extreme environments.