Squire Tech and Western Shelter Systems Partner on Communications Trailers and Inflatable Tactical Shelters for Response Environments and Shelter-less Work Locations

pCom and Sentenial I Shelter final no backgroundSquire Tech Solutions, an innovator in tactical communications trailers is working with the leading mobile soft-wall shelter company, Western Shelter Systems.  They join forces in combining technologies; to provide world class mobile satellite communications systems for emergency management and environmentally exposed applications requiring shelter and workspace.

The Colony, TX. – Squire Tech, an industry leader of satellite communications trailers, is pleased to announce its developing relationship with Western Shelter Systems.  Together, Squire Tech’s pCom® trailer platform and Western Shelter Systems’ inflatable tactical shelters offer government agencies, military and private organizations the capability to quickly deploy workspace (with minimal training) while benefiting from high speed satellite communications, power, shelter, and controlled electrics environment.  Western Shelter Systems’ portable soft-wall tactical shelter, the Sentinel I, is easily transported inside the pCom® XL Trailer, offering operations the capability to deploy in some of the most remote locations on earth.

“Squire Tech Solutions is pleased to work with the industry leader in inflatable quick deploy shelters with years of Military, agency and civilian experience.  By teaming up our complimentary technologies, we are able to serve our mutual target customers with reliable communications and protective shelters required to run their mission.  This partnership with Western Shelter Systems naturally allows both companies to expand their reach, while staying true to core offerings and target markets.  Public and private agencies no longer have to do all the legwork and force multiple solutions to work together.  With this unique communications trailer and inflatable shelter system, operations can travel to the farthest reaches on earth without worrying about shelter and connectivity to the rest of the world, “commented Michael Zalle, Squire Tech Solutions Vice President.

Both the pCom® XL communications trailer and Sentinel I Inflatable Shelter are built extremely tough to endure rugged terrains and extreme weather conditions.  The two companies serve similar vertical markets; with many customers in emergency response and remote field operations, including military, public safety, government agencies, Oil & Gas, SNG (Satellite News Gathering), mining, construction, disaster preparedness/ recovery, first responders, enterprise operations and much more.

The Sentinel I Inflatable Shelter is an ultra-portable design that will be transported in the pCom® XL satellite and cellular trailer platform.  The Sentinel I portable tactical shelter is lightweight, durable and can be fully set-up by one or more people in under 5 minutes.  With its standard internal inflator, it provides for quick, worry-free installation and use. Weather tight and wind resistant, the Sentinel I has a flame-resistant, polyester fabric cover and an integrated removable floor.

Squire Tech’s cutting-edge powered, mobile tower, radio and satellite trailer system, the pCom® XL is the best made communications trailer platform on the market.  It features a rugged, self-enclosed electronics data center, power for up to 3 weeks of operations, VSAT satellite communications, heavy duty private cellular tower and extreme cold capability options and one of the most comprehensive warranties available in the communications trailer market.  With an intelligent I/O panel, the pCom® XL command trailer provides users with simple to operate controls to power, tower scene lighting, heat/ air conditioning, and air compressors/pneumatics.  It is easy to operate and is fully functional in just 3 minutes!

About Western Shelter Systems
The Western Shelter system was designed to provide an easily transported, simple to erect, and, most importantly, weather-secure working environment for operations in remote locations. From the arctic to the tropics, the proven reliability of their designs, material, and construction has consistently exceeded customer expectations in the harshest of conditions.  Since 1992, Western Shelter Systems has been the standard, exclusive supplier of re-deployable shelters for all US Federal government FEMA emergency responder teams, state and county governments, and municipal fire and police jurisdictions; as well as forest service, military, hospital, and industrial organizations. For more information, visit http://www.WesternShelter.com

About Squire Tech Solutions
Squire Tech Solutions is an industry leader, providing the #1 trusted communications trailer platform, the pCom® XL, since 2007.  Equipment, service and networks are supported by the Industry’s Top Rated industrial grade satellite internet equipment and the best in class 24/7 customer support team. Squire Tech’s satellite internet, phone and data offerings include; pCom® satellite internet communications trailer, mobile satellite equipment for vehicles (such as SUVs, trucks and mobile command posts), fixed /rooftop satellite solutions for businesses, satellite backup/ disaster recovery systems, and daily rental satellite communications for remote locations. For more information, visit https://squiretechsolutions.com

Media Contact for Squire Tech Solutions:
Michael B. Zalle, Vice President

Media Contact for Western Shelter Systems:
Barbara Wright, Media Relations