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Border Security Expo Demos pCom  XL Satellite Cellular Comms Trailer for Border Protection 

SAN ANTONIO – The 11th Annual Border Security Expo wrapped up with outdoor demonstrations.  Border Security experts showed off technology that law enforcement can use to protect the United States and Mexico border. Dallas-based company Squire Tech Solutions, said border security officers are in the trial stages of testing a communications trailer along the border. It was described as an “invisible wall” since it has cameras that can extend into the air and capture what’s happening miles away.

“You could put these all along the border, say 25, 50 miles, 100 miles away from each other and link them up together and then have one of them with satellite that can go back to the department of homeland security.”

Please turn on your speakers and enjoy the ride!

Squire Tech Solutions is bringing it all together for our customers.

This video overview in a few short minutes  covers the broad range of satellite solutions for business, government and mobile command applications.

In just under 2 minutes you’ll see what Squire Tech does and why we are the industry leader.  Whether looking at the pCom XL Communications trailer, our auto point satellite equipment packages or even remote satellite based phone system. This video covers it all.

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