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Squire Tech’s ViaSat Satellite Services

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Companies such as Squire Tech Solutions and ViaSat Satellite Services have changed the landscape of satellite internet for consumers. Formerly, satellite internet services were out of reach for many consumers due to the high cost, spotty service and latency. Cutting edge innovation has made satellite internet services fast, reliable and with low latency for the private sector. This has changed the practical applications for satellite internet, reaching into industries such as health, retail and food services. 

Satellite Services for Health

ViaSat Satellite Internet

Although the world is more connected than ever, services such as routine medical exams, dental visits, hearing and vision exams are out of reach for people in rural or underserved communities. Mobile health clinics have revolutionized healthcare by bringing critical health services and diagnostic tests to those in need using ViaSat satellite internet to transmit data. Squire Tech offers several solutions that are ideal for mobile health clinics such. We offer several different packages and service plans to meet your needs. 

Satellite Services for Business 

With our fast paced world, more and more businesses are going out to their consumers instead of setting up brick and mortar shops. Pop up clothing shops and food trucks need to rely heavily on mobile internet services for point-of-sale systems. Now, businesses can set up shop just about anywhere with fast ViaSat satellite internet. Critical business applications such as voice over IP (VoIP), point-of-sale transactions, cloud-based storage and collaboration, email, file transfers, and more.

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Satellite Services for Public Safety

When emergencies strike, it’s critical for our first responders to have access to fast, secure and reliable communications systems. Using systems such as ViaSat satellite internet, helps them stay connected. Squire Tech Solutions’ Mobile Responder (MR) Equipment Packages and Service Plans offer low satellite latency, high quality audio and video for live Emergency Response and Safety applications. Equipment packages are pre-designed, configured, Integrated and tested solution for “always available” single button satellite network availability.  The MR bundles are for satellite networks and LTE/5G with a single push of a button. Networks provide critical phones, fax, radio over IP, LTE, video surveillance, video conferencing, and private network data capabilities. This keeps critical personal connected and allowing them to serve those in need when they need it.

About Squire Tech Solutions

At Squire Tech Solutions, our mission is to supply long lasting, highly reliable internet communication systems. We’re committed to providing innovative and high quality products and services with the best in class customer service. Contact us today to learn more about ViaSat satellite internet services and solutions.