Squire Tech Solutions Replaces pCom® 300 and pCom® 400 Series with New pCom® XL Satellite Trailer

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 17, 2012 – Squire Tech Solutions, leading tactical satellite service provider and mobile response equipment manufacturer, announced today the replacement of the pCom® 300 and 400 line with the 2013 pCom® XL Satellite Trailer. The discontinuation of the pCom® 300 and 400 series was based on consumer feedback to incorporate enhancements, and in part general improvements scheduled by Squire Tech’s research and development team.

The 2013 pCom® XL offers a flexible design, providing immediate deployable self-contained power generator, lighting and communications infrastructure. The pCom’s electronics bays have Aluminum extreme environment enclosure controls for humidity, water intrusion, heat, cooling, and air-born particulate filtration.

The pCom’s® on-board 9,000 – 25,000 watt ultra-quiet power generation system options provides for site power, core communications equipment and powerful scene lighting system. The clean power generation, a 93 gallon internal diesel tank, and an auto-acquire satellite when combined with a 30 foot (up to 50 foot) internally cabled tower creates the ultimate response trailer.

Key Features of the 2013 pCom® XL System:

  • Long Runtime Quite Diesel Power Generation: available in 9,12,20,25 kW
  • Cage infrastructure for strength on all aluminum enclosures
  • Dual axle system with quad breaking and enhanced tow stability
  • Secure I/O panel cross connect, shore power, transfer, and other key control interfaces.
  • High Power 7000 Lumen LED scene lights with low current consumption, low operating temperature
  • Quick deploy pneumatic tower system with up to 50’
  • Power Circuitry Management System including transfer switches, shore power, trickle charge, breaker and fuse panels with upgradability pre-wired
  • Single Button Auto Acquisition VSAT System up to 2.4 Meter
  • Secure communications enclosure with 19” racks mounted to vibration isolation with heating, cooling, and diverse power management.

Squire Tech Solution’s 2013 pCom® XL is the result of 5 years and dozens of successful pCom® trailer product deliveries. The feature revisions, enhancements, and updates have been driven by customer feedback, long term testing of the infrastructure and reworking of the engineered layout to create further end user application flexibility.

About Squire Tech Solutions, LLC

Founded in 2004, Squire Tech Solutions LLC (Squire Tech) is the leading satellite interoperability services company specializing in managed voice, video, Internet, and data. The company offers a wide range of integrated equipment offerings including the pCom® tactical communications trailer which is the first product of its kind in the industry. Squire Tech remains focused on customer experience, quality of performance and reliability while always ensuring the customer truly has “Communications Where You Need It”.